The CDA is an alliance of professional UK Casting Directors dedicated to upholding professional standards within the industry.



The CDA supports and encourages equal opportunity employment, irrespective of race, age, socio-economic or ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Our members actively strive to advocate and promote casting that accurately reflects our global society.


Who Is This Site For?


Casting Directors

Our website is a both a database and a support system for professional UK casting directors. You can search for a member or contact another casting professional directly via the site.

Our members enjoy the benefits of a CDA website “members only” area accessible via secure login, this allows access to many upgraded website features including CD Resources where casting directors can find all the latest rates and regulations and a host of useful information about casting.


Producers and Creative Teams

Directors, producers, photographers and creative teams can connect here with the best UK casting professionals. You can contact a specific casting director immediately via our website or search for someone experienced in the type of project you are working on.


Agents and Actors

If you’re trying to locate a specific casting director, you can search to see if they are a member of the CDA and access their contact details via our website. If you need information about anything to do with casting have a look at our FAQ page.