The CDA is an alliance of professional UK Casting Directors dedicated to upholding professional standards within the industry.


Announcing the Winners


Best Casting of a UK Commercial under 60 seconds
KATE AND LOU CASTING for Sainsbury’s “The Big Night”

Best Casting of a UK Commercial over 60 seconds
KATE AND LOU CASTING for The Sun “World Cup Office Knockabout”

Best Casting of an Online / Branded Content Commercial under 60 seconds
KATE AND LOU CASTING for Ikea “Plates Juggling”

Best Casting of an Online / Branded Content Commercial over 60 seconds
CLAIRE CATTERSON & STARK CASTING for Rimmel “I Will Not Be Deleted”

Best Casting of an International Commercial
ALI FEARNLEY for Jameson Irish Whiskey “Scully Was To Blame”

Best Streetcasting
KHARMEL COCHRANE for Ubisoft “Just Dance”

Best Children’s Casting
ET CASTING for BBC Sport “Prepare To Be Moved”

Best Casting of a Charity Commercial
WAYNE WATERSON for HIV Awareness “U= U=”

Best Casting of Online Non-Branded Content
KHARMEL COCHRANE for Department of Education “Every Lesson Shapes A Life”

Best Casting of a Stills Campaign
TREE PETTS for Dove “Baby Bathtime”

Best Casting of a Single Still
CAMILLA ARTHUR for Sainsbury’s Tu “All Boobs Welcome”

Best Casting of a Short Film
NICCI TOPPING for “The Big Day”

Best Casting of a Music Video
CLAIRE CATTERSON for Calum Scott “No Matter What”

Best Casting of a Feature Film
ET CASTING for “Tucked”


The third annual Casting Directors Association Awards, celebrating the art of casting and honouring the work of the Casting Director, took place on 15th May 2019 at BAFTA, London. The CDA would like to send a big thank you to …

Everyone who came to the awards – what a fun night! 

Alexei Sayle – thank you for being our wonderful, witty host for the evening.

All the Nominees – thank you for helping showcase the wonderful work of the Casting Director.

The Jury – thank you for valuing the work of the Casting Director and for making some tough decisions.

The team at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly – thank you for making it such a special evening.

All the companies that kindly donated to our Goody Bags – thank you for your generosity.

Our wonderful Sponsors, Spotlight, BMA Artists, Branded Talent, Casting Networks, Nevs Models, Quirky Kidz – thank you for all your support and encouragement. 

The CDA Awards Committee – thank you for making the CDA Awards 2019 happen and a special thanks for Siobhan O’Donnell for making the event run so smoothly.