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Diversity Award

on Mar 12, 2017 in News and Events

The CDA are delighted to announce a special Diversity Award, sponsored by Casting Networks, to be presented at the CDA Casting Awards 2017 taking place on 17th March in London.

As actor Riz Ahmed highlighted in his speech to the House of Commons earlier this month, it is vital that all sectors of society feel represented in the media. As Riz said ” Every time you see yourself [reflected] in a magazine or on a billboard, TV, film, its a message that you matter, that you’re part of the national story, that you’re valued.” Casting Directors are key to making this happen. 

The nominees for the Casting Network Diversity Award are: 

• Hannah Birkett for Scope ‘End The Awkward’ 

• Leanne Flinn & Camilla Arthur for Selfridges ‘EveryBody’ 

• Heather March for Dove ‘Love Your Hair’ 

• Brendan McNamara for Pampers Unicef ‘Amazing Babies’ 

• Chris Snode for the co-cast Apple iPhone 7 ‘Dive’ 

• Mark Summers for the co-cast Taco Bell ‘Bigger Than’ 

Judging this special award will be a panel from UK Equity headed by their Equalities and Diversity Organiser, Hamida Ali.