The CDA is an alliance of professional UK Casting Directors dedicated to upholding professional standards within the industry.



Features and benefits that CDA members currently enjoy.


Full Members

  • Member support
  • Voting ability and a voice for major changes within the industry
  • Use of the CDA designation in screen and print credits
  • Inclusion in CDA online member directory
  • Full Members resumes and profiles posted online and linked to your company website
  • Award eligibility
  • Award voting privileges
  • Invited to attend all CDA sponsored activities and events, including the annual general membership meeting and annual Awards evening
  • Discounted rates at select Casting Studios
  • Login access to CDA website “MEMBERS ONLY” area  – this is the part of the website reserved exclusively for CDA members, there you will find a range of resources to aid you in your business including up to date guidelines concerning rates, agreements and regulations – these are archived on the site for easy reference, with regular updates posted on the MEMBERS NEWS PAGE  and of course you can access your profile page where you can edit your listed information
  • Complimentary Subscription to SPOTLIGHT – Spotlight are delighted to offer complimentary Spotlight access to fully-fledged CDA members, on your one year membership anniversary

Coming Soon…

  • Access to the CDA website ‘Assistants Directory’ to seek support staff

Provisional Members

  • Invited to attend meetings, Awards and CD socials
  • Login Access to the resources available in the CDA website members only section
  • Advice from our Board Members on all things industry related
  • Must be a provisional member for 2 years before applying for full membership