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Shakyra Dowling
Company Name
Shakyra Dowling Casting
Principal Contact Number
020 3488 1631
Types of projects cast for
Commercial, Film, TV Drama, New Media, Photographic, Music Video
About / Bio
Shakyra Dowling has been casting from London since 2009 but has been a part of the industry as a whole for much longer on projects that have stretched around the globe. Training and working as an actor and in theatre production before finding her rightful place and making her mark in the world of casting on a large spectrum of visual media. Specialising in British Independent feature films, European co-production films, television and commercials. Many of which have have been internationally recognised and have won multiple awards at various festivals.

Shakyra Dowling Casting has earned a reputation for finding and nurturing new and diverse acting talent, as well as supporting promising new filmmakers and established directors in film & television. A staunch believer in championing women’s achievements in filmmaking, Shakyra is adamant in advocating diversity in casting and is always passionate and excited to work with fresh and interesting creatives.
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